We deliver optimum efficiency to your IT infrastructure

HT offers a complete suite of consulting services to help you fully unleash the power of networking to connect your customers, suppliers and workforce to each other and to the rest of the world.

Hero Technologies in partnership with trusted suppliers and solution providers is a source of expertise covering all aspects of IT infrastructure and connectivity. Whether you need advice on implementing a new network, upgrading your existing system or developing a strategy to implement a virtualized environment, we can help you plan, deploy and manage your IT infrastructure at optimal levels.

Hero Technologies works with businesses of all sizes so will develop a tailored solution for you. We can help whether you need to fully outsource IT planning, procurement and management, or we can help with smaller jobs like upgrading a server or toughening up the security on your network.

If you want to keep your focus on your business instead of the worrying if your technology is going to work, let us handle your IT. Contact us today.
In today’s world of converged voice, video and data networks, there is an unprecedented opportunity to improve your networking environment by enhancing performance, improving efficiency and reducing costs. When managed properly, convergence helps companies to improve productivity, increase collaboration and meet their business goals. Our highly skilled network consultants have helped many customers across Canada by successfully transforming their networks. They begin by identifying the business requirements that will drive the network architecture and service level requirements of the business.

An assessment of your current infrastructure will include an analysis of the following:

  • Current challenges and how to resolve problems
  • Network topology, protocol and speed to be used
  • Current protocols in use, number of users, servers and printers
  • Performance of WAN Connectivity and circuits
  • Internet access and security policies
  • Remote access
  • Current network management tools, procedures and backup policies
  • Goals for network growth and performance
  • Overall network security and threats

The completed network assessment will be delivered in the form of a report that includes:

  • Overall analysis of the network environment and infrastructure
  • Evaluation of existing network environment
  • Complete network diagram (upon customer request)
  • Review and evaluation of network cabling
  • Analysis and recommendations of network procedures
  • Recommendations to fix current problems, if any
  • Recommendations to address network goals and growth plans
  • Recommendations to increase/enhance the network security
Hero Technologies helps reduce implementation risk with our proven methodology for network consulting and assessment, expert integration and deployment skills and ongoing management services.

Benefit from having more time for generating revenue

Hero Technologies network engineers are qualified to perform network audits which will verify that all hardware and software versions are up-to-date and that your network configuration is in compliance with your goals and our recommendations.

Network Audits can be used to enhance overall network performance, as part of routine maintenance or to verify current conditions prior to introducing new equipment or services.

Our engineers can audit your network infrastructure more efficiently than your in-house personnel. Specialized expertise in optical networks, test equipment, and processes ensures results that will simplify provisioning and troubleshooting. The benefit to our customers is that time and IT resources are freed up to be used for other more strategic projects.

We help companies build IT strategies that improve profitability

To be successful, your organization must master a number of factors to be successful. A strategic IT plan is an essential tool to run IT like a business and achieve that goal. Today’s strategic IT plan differs from those of bygone years. Its purpose-driven and a reflection of IT governance structures and processes. The plan must provide long-term direction and be regularly updated thereby maintaining relevancy.

Our experienced consultants will help you formulate an IT strategy that will accommodate changes in your business, streamline costs and realize and improve operational efficiency. Hero Technologies has demonstrated repeated expertise in creating value for its customers by providing solutions to the business needs they face on a regular basis.

Affordable network consulting and design for small and medium businesses

For over 30 years, the technicians at Hero Technologies have delivered comprehensive and affordable network consulting and design services to small and medium sized businesses across Canada.

Our certified system engineers will help you design a new network or optimize your existing one. We combine industry experience, practical implementation and best practices to provide you with a network that is secure, reliable and scalable.

Our networking design service enables you to see what your investment requirements may be based on your site’s topology, wiring and building location. Our technical resources will provide you with an itemized list of product requirements.

Included in our Network Design service are drawings which include detailed explanations and recommendations, based on your business needs. Our team will ensure that both the physical site and the physical layer of cabling are optimally addressed to accommodate your current networking needs as well as future expansion.

Site design, preparation and cabling are critical components of our network service. Prior to the arrival of equipment, our engineers will work closely with your staff to prepare the site for installation. By doing so, we ensure that your technical resources are not waiting.

Site design includes checking for:

Adequate electric power

Proper cooling system

Placement of patch panels

Hero Technologies can deploy an entirely new networking system for you or can work with your existing infrastructure to update on a component by component basis.

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