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HT We provide hospitality solutions and support for some of the largest, most recognized brands in the world.

Today’s hotel guests seek to have a wealth of relevant information, ranging from flight schedules, weather updates and local attraction overviews, available in a central location. Hero Technologies supports in both the set up and the servicing of the LYNK REACH and LYNK SINC Smart Hub* platform that delivers real-time welcome and promotional content while simultaneously making a range of applications and data available to bring an “at-home” feel to the in-room display. Depending on stay durations and demographics, hotels can deliver a customized package of social media, entertainment and content viewing applications to individual displays resembling what guests receive on their personal devices.

  • We operate and support these networks in the most effective method possible.
  • We provide the highest level of customer service.
  • We provide the service you want and even answer the phone representing your brand.

An Integrated Content Platform for Seamless Remote Hospitality Display Management

  • Improve venue-wide communication across any new or existing infrastructure, as LYNK REACH 4.0 accommodates LAN, WiFi and Coax networks

  • Simplify hospitality display content creation and deployment through a single-source management system

  • Monitor and respond to performance and usage trends for hundreds of hospitality displays from a central remote location

  • Transform displays into content centers that provide a personalized, differentiated in-room experience

  • Eliminate steps and complexities from common guest processes, including express check-out and real-time information access

  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs and visible clutter by condensing multiple systems and wires into a single-source content management platform

Distributed Business Operations Center (DBOC)

Our DBOC allows us to manage and monitor multiple networks, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, customers servers, and
CMS platforms at a single time.

CMS & Content Hosting

We are Content Management System (CMS) agnostic. We work with many of the major CMS providers: Samsung LYNK SINC, LYNK Reach IP, LYNK Reach Coax, Nonius, VeCoax. If you run on it, we can support it!.
Our staff is very knowledgeable with many of the content management systems that are available in the hospitality solution market today. If your in need of a content management system we can be your trusted adviser and help you build and implement a solution that works best for YOUR needs.

Installation, Network Provisioning, and Project Management

We can manage the entire network life cycle (NLC). We have installed, provisioned, and made operational over 240 locations and over 1200 screens with our various partners.
From site surveys to planning and completing the installation to complete project management; our team of experts and partners will get you up and running the right the first time.

Creative Services & Content Creation

When you need it, we can help with the creation of your content. We have worked with graphic designers, animators and developers to create all kinds of interactive eye catching creative content.
Many companies have their own creative team or marketing department to maintain control of their content and schedule. Others create content and messaging for their clients. Our team can help you get your content into your Content Management System and make it ‘Signage ready’.

On-Site Service & Repair

We take care of on-site repairs and replacement, fast. With enough time, hardware problems arise. When they do, no matter where the problem happens, we can send out a truck with a technician and replacement parts, typically within 24 hours of notification.
Our network of technicians repair or replace hardware with a first-call resolution rate of over 50%. We can also offer Hot Swap Inventory Management. We will house and manage your inventory of equipment for repairs and replacement.

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