Run your business, not your technology

HT As the role of IT grows increasingly important to your business, the complexity of running and supporting it also increases. For small and medium sized businesses, this can present a huge challenge in balancing limited time and resources.

That is why Hero Technologies has developed an extensive suite of Help Desk services that increase your productivity while reducing costs. We become your company`s one-stop solution for all of your IT needs from consulting, implementation, and hardware maintenance and support.

By acting as your company's Help Desk, we save you valuable time and money on trouble-shooting, maintenance and upgrades, allowing you to get on with your business.
We fix your IT problems before they even happen, preventing server downtime and costly delays.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your entire IT environment is being regularly maintained, backed up, patched and monitored by our certified technicians using advanced remote support diagnostic tools.

Features of Server Management:

Monitoring: Using advanced live monitoring software; we are always on the look-out for a variety of events including hardware and connectivity errors, CPU and disk usage.
Administration: Management of non-critical events and adding and removing users as needed, freeing up your own IT resources.
E-mail: Set-up, management and support and other mobile devices.
Database Server: setup, manage and maintain your organization’s database servers.
Preventative Maintenance: On-going software, firmware and driver updates and patches, including Windows security patches, so that your servers, workstations, firewall and switches are always configured with the latest and greatest.
Back-up: Your data will be encrypted, backed up daily and safely stored off-site using our highly secure Remote Backup Service.
Disaster Recovery: Recover server operations in less than an hour using our superior Disaster Recovery Service.
By remotely monitoring and anticipating performance, connectivity and security issues, our highly trained personnel strive to continuously improve the availability of your network. Networking is an integral part of any business operation. We proactively manage and optimize the end-to-end performance of your networking infrastructure.

Network Security

Is Network Security keeping you up at night? If so, it’s not a surprise and you’re not alone. A myriad of threats can wreak havoc on your network if you’re not using the right network monitoring services to handle threat prevention and protection. Today’s organizations face an increasing number of challenges to consistently and effectively manage network security in addition to availability and performance.
Having the right company-wide network security solution is critical to keeping your business up and running. Whether it’s the threat of a hacker causing data loss and downtime, or spam allowing viruses and spyware into your environment, your network security solution must be properly deployed, configured, tuned, and integrated into the overall infrastructure to perform effectively.
Hero Technologies Solutions can help you protect your network. Our Network Monitoring Service provides proactive threat detection, superior assessment and enhanced threat prevention capabilities. Our qualified technicians will ensure that your Firewalls and web filters are properly configured, so that threats from unsecured websites and external hackers are prevented.
Our proven experience in developing and implementing reliable, state-of-the-art network security solutions improve performance, mitigate risk and reduce the overall cost of managing your network.

Features of Network Management:

Switches and Cabling: regular testing and monitoring of key network components minimizes downtime due to failures.
  1. Network Security
  2. Firewall monitoring and maintenance – regular testing, patching and monitoring via Syslog, of your firewall to ensure that only the traffic you want crosses your network
  3. Virtual Private Network – Increase security when accessing your network remotely
  4. Anti-Virus
  5. SPAM protection
  6. Web Filtering
By solving most of your problems over the phone and remotely, we save you considerable time and money, reducing downtime and mitigating risk. The maintenance and upkeep of your PCs, notebooks, handhelds and printers requires a considerable investment of valuable time and money. Software updates and patches are released frequently by manufacturers and many companies simply do not have the resources to keep track of the latest critical patches for all of their applications.
We use advanced remote monitoring and diagnostic tools to support thousands of customers, on an on-going basis saving them time and freeing up their own IT resources.

Features of Workstation Management:

Software installation and configuration, updates and patches for:
  1. Windows
  2. MS Office
  3. Other applications upon agreement
  4. Remote Support – via telephone or online, efficiently logging and closing Help Desk tickets with minimal disruption to your business
  5. Printing
  6. For problems that require an on-site visit, our rapid-response technicians are dedicated to showing up with the right parts and seeing the problem through to the end.
We solve your IT problems, but our technical experts will alert you to potential problems proactively, recommend security policies and share tips and tools to optimize performance.
We design a Service Level Agreement and Preventative Maintenance Plan that makes sense for your business featuring any combination of the services below.
At Hero Technologies, we understand that each customer’s environment is unique. Because a paintbrush approach to managing your IT infrastructure doesn’t always make sense, we offer customized Help Desk services.
You Focus On Your Business, We’ll Look After The IT
When you use managed IT services from Hero Technologies you will realise a range of benefits, but the most important is focus. When we look after the IT in your business you don’t have to, which means you can focus on what really matters – running your business.
Our team of experts do all the heavy lifting so that your IT is available as a tool, instead of being something you have to worry about. We make sure you have solutions that meet the needs of your business. In addition we proactively manage your systems and offer top quality levels of support.

Benefits Of Managed IT Services

Less hassle – slow running computers, out-of-date equipment, security headaches, usability issues, and other IT-related problems are all things of the past when you use our managed IT services
More cost-effective – you can reduce the costs of hardware and IT maintenance with a managed service. Our transparent, flat-rate pricing structure also makes it easier for you to budget.
More stable – there is less downtime as we proactively monitor your systems. That means we identify and fix most problems before they impact on your operations. As a result you will experience fewer disruptions.
Better support – our team of IT experts will support your team to ensure your business gets the most out its IT

What We Offer

We implement tailored managed IT services to meet the unique needs of your business. We procure, install, integrate, manage, and support everything, as well as providing security, backups, and IT lifecycle plans.
To make your business more efficient you should outsource your IT to us. Contact us today to find out about our managed IT services.
We deliver continuous monitoring of your servers, desktops, and networking devices, including
  1. Connectivity Monitoring
  2. Performance and predictive failure monitoring
  3. Event log monitoring
  4. Patch-level monitoring
  5. System change monitoring
  6. System replacement and warranty tracking services
  7. APC UPS monitoring services
  8. Firewall availability and performance monitoring
  9. Antivirus Monitoring
  10. Intrusion detection monitoring
  11. Automatic alerts to our IT support team when a problem is detected, results in minimal disruption to your company’s productivity
  12. Dedicated Help Desk that can be accessed via email, Web, or phone
  13. 24x7x365 on-call availability
  14. Detailed tracking by our Help Desk of all events, documenting all problems and responses
Helping you keep track of your valuable assets The proliferation of mobile devices, remote access, and system replacements can make it difficult to keep track of what is and is not connected to your network.
However, it’s essential that organizations today have real control over their computing environment starting with the task of keeping track of all IT assets. This can be a time-consuming and tedious project for many businesses, which in some cases never gets completed.
Our detailed approach to IT asset management means you can be confident that a full inventory of all IT assets will be carefully documented and maintained.

hFeatures of Asset Management:

  1. Inventory of all IT related items
  2. Install hardware and software
  3. Track software licenses
  4. Manage leased assets
  5. Document dates of hardware upgrades, software installations and software patches

Benefits of Asset Management:

  1. Control costs with asset protection and loss prevention
  2. Faster trouble-shooting because our technicians can view all of the details and service history of an asset
  3. Compliance and licensing requirements are satisfied.
  4. Audit requirements are met
  5. Optimized use of your IT assets by leveraging the detailed information we capture.
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