Move Your Desktops Into The Cloud

HT Cloud desktops bring obvious benefits to your business, such as reducing costs. They also make it easier for you to quickly scale up or down the IT in your business to match sales or workload. They are easier to maintain too, plus they improve productivity.

Our cloud desktop solutions enable you to dramatically reduce – or eliminate altogether – the physical desktops in your business. Our expert technicians will tailor a solution to meet the needs of your employees and your business objectives.

Suitable For All Businesses

Businesses of all sizes benefit from cloud desktop solutions. Our technicians will get your solution up and running quickly and efficiently, helping you realise those benefits as soon as possible. We also provide comprehensive ongoing support.

If you are ready to retire the old desktop computers in your business in favor of a modern, flexible and scalable cloud solution, contact us today.

Benefits Of Our Desktops


You can setup the desktops to suit your business, and can adapt the setup as needed. This means adding or removing virtual desktops whenever you need to, as well altering firewalls, access levels, applications, and more.

Improve productivity while lowering costs

Less of your resources will be spent managing IT, you will have lower hardware costs, and your employees will have access to applications and data whenever they need it.

Easier to manage

Hardware problems, maintenance issues, and sluggish performance are eliminated with our cloud desktop solutions.

Access Anywhere & Anytime

Your employees can access their cloud desktop from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, most devices are supported so they can access via their mobile or tablets too.


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