System Integration & Full-Service Software Development

HT Out integration and development solutions ensure your business gets the IT infrastructure, services, applications, and tools that it needs. Your new systems will efficiently integrate with existing systems, and we can develop new, tailored solutions to meet changing needs, improve security, enhance productivity, or make your business more productive.

Hero Technologies has experience working with businesses of all sizes. Our success comes for the fact that we focus on results, not just IT. That means solutions that work first time, every time. It means solutions that your team is comfortable using, and that helps move your business forward. And it means solutions that scale with your business as it grows.

Helping Your Business Grow

We work with businesses of all sizes to integrate systems and develop custom software solutions. We help you plan and scope a solution, before implementing it efficiently and effectively.
If the one-size-fits all model of IT is no longer working for your business, get in touch with us today.

What We Offer


Most solution providers design their software or systems to work in ideal conditions, i.e. in isolation. That is not the real world. In the real world of business, software and systems have to work with other software and systems. We make that integration happen, seamlessly and efficiently.

Software development

You don’t have to compromise with off-the-shelf software solutions any longer. Tailored software development is affordable and will improve the efficiency of your business. This is because your software will work the way you want it to work, with all the features you need.

.NET solutions

Solutions that work as you need them to, and that can be developed and deployed quickly

Database solutions

Update the management of your data with a modern, efficient, and secure database solution


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